Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Beginnings (Changes #2) by Jay Howard

3 stars
Format: ebook
Published by Smashwords
Published in August 31st 2012
ISBN13: 9781476293646
Where to Buy: Amazon, Barnes and Noble
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Note: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis from Goodreads:
In the small village of Holmsford, residents old and new gear up for the Christmas celebrations, but not everything goes to plan. Secrets and sleigh rides, new love and heartache, all get mixed up in the festive pot.

In the McTavish household, Maggie is certain Iain is still hiding something. Her son, James, is now settled, but what of their tempestuous daughter, Chloe?

Chloe is struggling to find the love she craves and forge a new career. Then she drops a bombshell in her mother’s lap that threatens to blow the family apart.

My Review:
I liked the overall story; it was very convincing in the outcome and telling.  The interactions between the characters is thought-provoking to read and fascinating to follow.  I did find the description to be lacking in parts mainly concerning the towns and in others like the horses there was an abundance of explanation.  It is an enjoyable follow up to her first novel.

Born in England, part raised in Wales, Jay Howard also introduced herself to her other country, Canada. She has muddled her way through life until discovering the beauty of Somerset and the joyful pain of writing.


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