Monday, October 15, 2012

In Between Seasons by Cassandra Giovanni

2 stars

Note: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I really enjoyed the concept of this book and the uniqueness of the idea. 

I did feel that the development of the story was lacking.  The whole dystopian world was never brought into focus or what happened before the story started was never explained.

Also, the development of the characters was lacking.  It didn’t feel that the author was really able to get into the mind of Kate.  In the beginning Kate seemed almost too resistant to everything going on around her and when she was supposedly being kidnapped she didn't even try and put up a fight.  When she is kidnapped with her endless questions in the first chapter she doesn’t raise any of these with the man that now has her captive, I just didn’t get it.  Then she puts off everything she has ever known and very easily disengages from her past like it was nothing.  Hunter for being brought up in the environment he was in with mistrust and having to guard himself at every moment let Kate in relatively easily.  The hidden persona he needed around his own tribe came out a couple of times but it seemed weird how open he was with Kate in front of everyone.  She was a potential threat to their society and she had all the freedom of the place.

I wanted to know more about Mara and Allan.  The reasons behind why everyone was fighting and how life came to be centered around tribes was never fully explained.

The lack of security around Kate’s tribe appalled me.  If Kate's dad was that militarily advanced to pull off advanced attacks against other tribes he shouldn't be so naive to leave his own tribe unprotected.  It was overly easy for Hunter just to walk right up and grab Kate and then just to turn around and leave.

I was also confused about how many elements there were of an organized society when everyone was living in these tribe formations.  Who is now making these pop tarts or running the electricity for all of the different tribes or putting on TV programs?!?

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