Review Guidelines

***Do to the extreme amount of requests I am no longer taking review requests at this time***


Review Scale

Because I use Goodreads.comto list my reviews, I use their star rating system. The scale is from one star to five stars but I thought I would describe a bit how I view those stars.

One star: Reserved for books I could not finish or skipped over a great deal.

Two stars: Finished the book painstakingly but did not like it and would never read it again.

Three stars: The book was alright, it had its good parts.

Four stars: Enjoyed the book as a whole and would recommend it to someone else and would probably read it again.

Five stars: Absolutely LOVED the book, would recommend it to others, would read it again and it was most likely added to my favorites shelf and keep.


Review Policy

I am usually more than willing to accept books from authors or publishers for review!

I prefer ebooks in epub, mobi, and pdf. You can ask about other formats and I will see. I will accept paperback and/or hardbacks as well though so please don't hesitate to inquire about a review!   All of my reviews are on my own honest opinion and I will not right a 'nice' review just because I am asked to.

Favorite and Preferred Genres

· Romance - mostly historical rather than contemporary
· Young Adult
· Historical Fiction
· Fantasy/paranormal
· Mythology and fairytale retellings (also Shakspearian retellings)

· History - European       
Issues: Titanic, Jack the Ripper, holocaust, American Civil war, unexplained events or strange things

Note: My reviews are not limited to those genres yet I do prefer them.

Also, my Netgalley books take priority.

ARCS always come first!

Please e-mail me at 

Please DO NOT PM me on Goodreads.

If you ask for a review can you please follow my blog.


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