Thursday, November 1, 2012

Heiress of Lies (Bloodtruth #1) by Cege Smith

4 stars
Genres: Paranormal, Vampires, Fantasy, Romance
Format: Kindle Edition
190 pages
Published by Amazon Digital Services
Published in February 12th 2012
Where to Buy: Amazon
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Note: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis from Goodreads:
With the King of Altera on his deathbed, all eyes are on his only child, eighteen year old Angeline Robart. The crown princess spent the last two years finishing her studies in a remote convent far away from the capital city of Brebackerin and the prying public. After being called home to her father's side in preparation for her Ascension, Angeline is kidnapped en route by Connor, a mysterious rogue who has his own reasons for becoming involved in the high stakes game of intrigue.

As the last of the Robart bloodline, Angeline soon discovers that enemies long thought conquered have been doing nothing but lying in wait for just such an opportunity to turn things to their advantage. Worse yet, by uncovering those secrets Angeline is forced to confront the possibility that no one expected her to ever take the throne in anything but title only.

Facing the impossible consequences of a freak accident, Angeline must travel a dangerous path to regain control of her fate and her kingdom even if that means relying on Connor, who epitomizes everything her family hated and tried to destroy. But the more she learns about Connor, the more she realizes they have far more in common than she ever expected, and that could make him just the ally she needs.

My Review:
The premise of the story is very inspirational and unique and I love the development of the world that Smith created.  The development of how vampires and humans came into existence is very exceptional too.  Angeline is a very strong character with a forceful personality making her easily able to accept change and lead herself towards a decision for survival.  Connor is an enticing character that is troubled and flawed by his past but his maturity and want of redemption is endearing.

Overall I loved the progression of the story and the pace.  I am excited to read the sequel.

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