Thursday, June 15, 2017

Review: Unbound

Unbound Unbound by Evangeline Anderson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When Princess Brynnalla of Galen Prime was a baby she got a protector. Varin was taken from his home when he was a child and made to become a slave. Being that he is a Vision Kindred, Varin with connect and be bound to the person he gets blood from. That person is Brynn, now bound to protect her Varin wants to do so much more. When Brynn's life is threatened by the Hive to become a Breeding Queen Varin will do anything he can to get her back.

So far this book has been my least favorite in the series. As the warning from the author said, there was quite a disturbing scene, however, I do understand how it fit into the plot. What I really did not like about the story was the characters, the relationship between Varin and Brynn did not strike me as 'real.' They did not connect on the level that the main characters in the other books did. Be that as it may, I was not overly interested in their story.

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