Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Review: Angelfall

Angelfall Angelfall by Susan Ee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Six weeks ago angels came to earth. They were not like what anyone expected, they were mean and without a second thought they took over everything. Penryn is just a girl trying to survive in this new world the angels created and when she stumbled onto an epic angel battle she loses her younger sister in the process. Now with the help of Raffe, an angel that has lost his wings, she has to trust him because he is the only hope of getting her sister back.

The ending was a little funny but overall I thought the rest of the book was really enjoyable. I liked the story line and the characters kept themselves interesting at each turn, even when most of the book just revolving around Penryn and Raffe being together. I liked how strong willed Penryn was and how she was able to cope with the situation.

Being from the San Francisco Bay Area I felt that the author did a wonderful job with that part. The scene and story building were creepy as I could literally picture all of this happening in my own backyard.

I am really excited to read the next book, I would recommend this to fantasy lovers that are not afraid of a little gore and creep factor thrown into the mix.

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